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Valerio Agolino Photographer Reportage, Portrait and Video in Munich

Photography is my life. It’s just part of me. I’m a photographer, I admit it, I have no excuses. I love to look up topics for reportage of all genres. I like to look for simple stories and make them important, giving them a dramatic look and feel.

I’m happy to shoot People and Portrait, trying to get out the soul of the one I photograph. Without cheating. I do not retouch my photos, (just a bit of contractions and lights, but nothing else) and I try to take advantage of the lights I find to give to the shot importance.

In my photographic services I always run a part of me, even when I try to avoid it. I can’t.

Even when I should be neutral, during the most impersonal shooting, ZAC, I leave a small sign. A neo, a defect, but it’s mine. PI was photographing for years, looking for perfection, but I’m not capable, I’m not perfect, I’m Valerio. I always lose a penny of me, which contaminates my photos.

When I look back to my photos, I recognize them and myself, I feel they are mine. I know my faults and bruise them, but as time passes I more and more fell in love with them and I do not want to change it. I try to evolve myself, but without losing my uniqueness.

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